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Tuesday, 20 October 2009


Translated from the original by Chris Tsilikas

The term ‘apocryphal’ or ‘Apocrypha’ was almost unknown to the wide public in the past. Due to various reasons, however, it has recently become widely known and it has also been the reason for the publication of most of the ‘Apocrypha’, so that they are accessible to anyone who wants to study them.

The starting point for the resounding success of these books was when some years ago just before Easter “The apocryphal Jude’s Gospel” was published, which described Jude as a completely different person from what had been known about him so far. Read more to the site “Antiairetikos”


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Naomi Ann Wennerholm said...

Their where actually two Enochs. One From Seth and One from Cain. They are not the same person. Two differnts branches of the Family Tree. And believe for a lot of people that can be confusing. I have more than one person in my family that share the same name which can be confusing as heck. That is why we use nicknames or Use their middle name with their First. Or First and Last Name to Tell the difference. One example is my Dad and Grandfather they have the same First name of Ernest but different middle names So my dad is refired to by his middle name of Kim so we know it is dad we are talk about or to not Grandpa.

So hear is a suggestion take look at the text very carefully So when talking about an Enoch Refer to the ancesteral father of the Line you are refuring to.

No confusion Then. The book[s] of Enoch are suposed to have been written by The Enoch decended from Seth not Cain. An is supposed to be the ancestor of Noah.