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Sunday, 27 March 2011


Translated from the original by Chris Tsilikas

Assembly of Jehovah’s Witnesses
We have been dealing with religious matters for some years now and we have encountered hundreds of questions regarding what heresies are and what they believe in. Due to the fact that these questions are more or less identical and they have been asked over and over again, we thought it would be better to answer them in the form of an article. In order to make this article more conceivable we gave it the following question-answer form.
Question: What is a heresy?
Answer: The word heresy derives from the ancient Greek word αιρέωώ (pronounced /haereo/) which in Greek means select or prefer. Therefore, some Christians αίρεσαν (the past tense of the word αιρέω), meaning, they selected to leave the proper teaching of our Church and create their own teaching. They believed that the Church had gone far away from the right teaching of Christ and the Apostles, so they had to say the teaching which according to them was the right one. They were also called heretics because they selected extracts from the Bible – the extracts that were in favor of them of course – to prove that they were the ones who were right and not the Church....