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Thursday, 20 December 2012


Translated from the original by Costas Balomenos

     As is known, from the four canonical Gospels (Matthew, Luke, Mark, John), only the first two give us a minimum of information about the birth and childhood of Jesus. In the other two there is complete absence of even minimal information about these events, where Mark begins his Gospel with the baptism of Christ which took place at the age of 30 years, and while John begins with the theology of the Word.
   In the Gospels of Matthew and Luke provides us with the following information:
* Genealogy of Christ, the visit of the angel to Joseph's dream to not prosecute her since Mary was pregnant by the Holy Spirit, adoration of the Magi, flee to Egypt to escape the toddler - Jesus from Herod's fury, slaughter infants of Bethlehem and the surrounding area by Herod, return of the holy family from Egypt following the death of Herod (Matthew).
* Pre-announcement of the birth of John the Baptist, Annunciation of the Theotokos (Virgin Mary), Mary's visit to Elizabeth, the birth of John the Baptist, Christ's birth, circumcision of Jesus Christ's presentation in the Temple, fair Simeon's prophecy that Jesus would be "controversial point" glorification of the prophetess Anna because he outface the Savior, Jesus twelve years old amazes the sages in the Temple of Jerusalem (Luke)...

Sunday, 16 December 2012


Translated from the original by Costas Balomenos

"The Birth of Christ" portable image Theophanes the Cretan, Stavronikita Monastery, Mount Athos, 1546

   Speaking several times with multiple people, friendly or hostile to the Church, we found quite a few times, they had great ignorance and confusion about matters concerning Christ and Christianity. And it is worthy of admiration, that ignorance or confusion came more often than not uneducated people, but instead of educated people and high intellectual level.
   When we want to identify the causes of this ignorance and confusion can say that usually are due to the following reasons. ...