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Wednesday, 30 October 2013


Translated from the original by Costas Balomenos

One of the most slandered and most misunderstood person in the history of Christianity is clearly the person of Mary Magdalene. Occasionally they have heard a lot about her face - i.e. that was a prostitute, a mistress of Christ, adulteress - and much more, but are not true in the least.
Therefore, the aim of this article is to shed light on ALL aspects around the person of Mary Magdalene in order to reveal the truth and so to bring about her restoration. And this will be done, not only from the official secretariat of Christianity, but also from the occult, which many invoke - without knowing it of course - slandering the person of Mary Magdalene...

Everything that we know about the person of Mary Magdalene is recorded in the Gospels. So, to not remain any shade for the Saint Mary Magdalene, we will mention all the passages (pieces) of the Gospels, which relating to her.
1. Gospel according to Mark, chapter 16, verses 9-10: Referred to the resurrection of Christ and Mary Magdalene, from which Christ took out seven demons.
2. Gospel according to Luke, chapter 8, verses 2-3: Referred to the 12 disciples of Christ and to Mary Magdalene, from which Christ had took out seven demons.
3. Gospel according to Matthew, Chapter 27, verses 55-56: Referred to Mary Magdalene and to the other women, who they watched from afar the crucifixion of Christ.
4. Gospel according to Matthew, chapter 27, verse 61: Referred to the two Marys, one was Mary Magdalene, who they went to the tomb of Christ.
5. Gospel according to Matthew, Chapter 28, Verses 1-2: Same content as above (4).
6. Gospel according to Mark, chapter 15, verses 40-41: Same content as (3).
7. Gospel according to Mark, chapter 16, verses 1-2: Referred to Mary Magdalene, Mary of James, and Salome, who buy perfumes to anoint the dead Jesus.
8. Gospel according to Luke, chapter 24, verses 10-11: Referred to the myrrhbearing which they announce to disciples the empty tomb of Christ.
9. Gospel according to John, chapter 19, verses 25-26: Referred to Mary Magdalene, Mary of Klopa and Virgin Mary, who were standing near the cross of Jesus.
10. Gospel according to John, Chapter 20, verses 1-2: Referred to Mary Magdalene, who goes to the tomb and sees that the stone of the tomb is not in place.
11. Gospel according to John, Chapter 20, verses 10-19: Is describing the meeting of Mary Magdalene with the two angels and the resurrected Jesus, whom she took for the gardener of that region.

So these are ALL the passages referred to in the face of Mary Magdalene. So there is no basis for the war of mud that was unleashed against her. But will be good, the faithful to open and sometimes the Bible to see what it refer really, rather than adopts the stupidity and slander of every passionate and unrelated man, for the sacred persons of our faith.

Once we ascertained that the canonical Gospels do not mention ANY REPROACH about the person of Mary Magdalene, let's see now what refer the “apocryphal Gospel of Mary Magdalene”, which certainly they have not read, the ignorant and sycophants. And to show their irrelevance and stupidity we will PUBLISH IT ALL, so that - and from this side - there is no doubt and reproach for the sanctity of the person of St. Mary Magdalene.
But first, let me say to you what are the apocryphal gospels and the Gnosticism, because the apocryphal Gospel of Mary Magdalene belongs to him.
The vacuum of the canonical Gospels - around the detailed life of Christ and the Apostles - they aim to cover the so-called “apocryphal gospels”. So named, because the authors argued, that what they wrote was based on secret sources, who were aware only ones. And to be believed from the Christians, they used the name of an apostle or of a known person of the Church, as somehow author of their “Gospel”. Thus, we have the “Gospelof Thomas, the “Gospel” of Peter, the “Gospel” of Nicodemus, etc.
The time of authoring for some of them, starts the 1st AD century. But most of them spelled in the 2nd AD century. The existence of these books, makes known to us, himself Luke the Evangelist, in the very beginning of his Gospel. He writes about: «Because many have attempted to write a narration of the events that happened between us ....», and then begins to expose his Gospel.
Gnosticism was a philosophical-religious system with which Christianity fought hard in the first three centuries, until to prevail. Gnosticism was predated of Christianity and he was influenced by Platonism, the Eastern religions of Zoroastrianism, the Parsism etc., as well as the Egyptian mysteries. When Christianity appeared, it took elements from it, so it became dangerous to the Church.
Gnosticism accepted both worlds, a thinkable, where there is the true God with pure spirit, and a lower world, the material in which they are imprisoned the souls of people. Between these two worlds there are angels and some superior beings called “centuries”.
One such century” was and Christ, who came to give the knowledge in humans, i.e. the way in which the pneumatic element that have in them, will be liberated from the body - which holds it prisoner - and will return back to purely spiritual world in which he belonged.
The Gnostics, because they considered the body as a prison of the soul, they wished to destroy it. So, some of them were arrived to excessive temperance and abstinence (from food, drink, etc.) - sometimes admirable - and others in excessive licentiousness and immorality.
After we saw what are the apocryphal gospels and the Gnosticism, let us now look at some specific evidence, concerning the “apocryphal gospel of Mary Magdalene.
The “Gospel of Mary Magdaleneis contained in the texts of the Gnostic Code of Berlin. The Coptic version dates back from the early fifth century, while the Greek excerpt from the beginning of the third century. Mary Magdalene is presented as a disciple of Jesus - from the narrow circle of 12 - which indeed plays an important role.
Below is the WHOLE Gospel of Mary Magdalene:

«... Will be destroyed, then, the matter or not?" The Savior said, "all nature, all forms, all creatures exist one inside the other and they will dissolve back into the elements - roots. Because the nature of matter is dissolved only with this way. He, who has ears to hear, let him hear».
Peter said to Jesus, «You, who has explained to us everything, tell us this: What is the sin of the world?» The Savior replied, «There is no sin, it is you who create it, when you do acts that seem in their nature with adultery, which is called “sin”. For this reason came the Good among you, in quintessence of every nature, to restore it completely». After further said, «This is the cause that you get sick and die ... He who can, let's understand. Matter gave birth to a passion that had not before encountered and which evolved in contrast with nature. After, a disturbance is created inside the whole body. So I said, “have you valence”. If you lose your courage, to retrieve it in front of all these different forms of nature. He, who has ears to hear, let him hear».
Having said the Blessed these words, he them bid farewell saying, «Peace be with you. Accept my peace. Be careful lest you gone astray one saying, Be here it is!”, or “There it is! Because the Son of Man is located within you. Follow him! These who seek Him will find Him. Go therefore and preach the Gospel of the Kingdom. Do not put other rules than those who I assigned you and not enact laws as lawmakers, perhaps because these laws to restrict you». When he said this, he left.
Those regretted and crying saying, “How are we going to the national world, to preach the Gospel of the kingdom of the Son of Man? Having, they do not regretted him, how to pity us?”
Then Mary stood up, greeted them all and she told to her brothers, “Do not you weep and do not grieve, nor you are hesitant because his Grace will be with you and will protect you. Better, let us praise his greatness, because he has prepared us and made us real people. With these words Mary turned their hearts to the Good and they began to discuss the words of the Savior.
Peter said to Mary, “Sister, we know that the Savior loved you more than the other women. Tell us the words of the Savior which you remember, those words which you know but not us”.
Mary answered and said, “I will tell you as many as is hidden from you. I saw the Lord in a vision and I told him. «Lord I saw you today in a vision». That One told me, “You are blessed, you not doubted for me, because where the mind is and there is also the treasure”. Me I said, “Sir, he who sees the vision, sees it through the soul or through the spirit?” The Savior replied, «He does not see through the soul nor through the spirit, but the mind which is between these two, this is who sees the vision and ...»
«And the desire said. I don't saw you to descend, but now I see that you ascend. Why you lie, since you belong to me? The soul answered and said:  I saw you. You don't saw me, nor do you recognize me. I served you as a garment and don't knew me. Having said this, he left feeling great pleasure.
Then, it came the third force, called ignorance. This, he asked the soul: Where are you going? You are captive to the wickedness. You are captive, don't you judge!
The soul said: Why you judge me without I have deems? I was captive despite the fact that I had no shackles. I don't was recognized. But me, I was recognizing that is dissolved the Whole, both in terms of earthly as much as to the celestial elements.
When surpassed and the third force, the soul ascended higher and saw the fourth force, which had seven forms. The first form is the darkness, the second is the desire, the third is the ignorance, the fourth is the flushing of death, the fifth is the kingdom of the flesh and the seventh is the knowledge full of wrath.  These are the seven forms of the negationist. They ask the soul. «Where from do you come killer of people and where do you go conqueror of space»? The soul answered and said, «This who binds me has been destroyed and this that agitates me were defeated. My desire has ended, and ignorance has died. I was left in a world, from a world and in a form from a heavenly form and from the chain of forgetfulness that is temporary. From now on I will find the repose of the time, of the season, of the century into silence».
Having said this, Mary stayed silent because the Savior these were told her. But Andrew said to brothers, «Say what you want to say about what we said. At least I do not believe that the Savior said these things. Why these teachings are strange ideas». Peter took the floor and asked, «But actually he spoke particularly with a woman and not openly to us? We must to believe her namely and hear all of us? I wonder the Savior chose her from us»?
Then Mary wept and said to Peter, «Peter, my brother, what you think? Do you believe that I have constructed all this in my heart or that I am lying about the Savior»?
Levi said to Peter, «Peter, always you were temperamental. Now I see that you behave to this woman as if she is an enemy. But if the Savior claimed her, who are you to dismiss her? Surely the Savior knows it very well. That is why he loved her more than us. It is better for us to feel embarrassed, to dress the perfect man, to split as he commanded us and to preach the Gospel, without putting any rules or laws, beyond what the Savior said».
… And they started to treading, preaching».

Since then we have quoted ENTIRE the apocryphal Gospel of Mary Magdalene, the reader easily ascertains that everything that they testify against to St. Mary Magdalene, are in the sphere of sick imagination and their stupidity.
Our Church, knowing what was really Mary Magdalene, has declared as a saint and equal to Apostles and 22 July celebrates her memory and on May 4 the day of removal of relics (i.e. of transport) of her.
Writer Efthymios Achilas

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