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Sunday, 20 June 2010


Translated from the original by Chris Tsilikas

The impression that atheism and unfaithfulness are increasing in our society is widespread among faithful and unfaithful. Of course this is a fact we cannot deny and is partly true.

However, it is time we wonder whether we Christians can actually decline all responsibility or we are partly responsible for that. And perhaps all these atheists and unfaithful may neither be atheists nor unfaithful in essence, but they may actually be looking for a genuine religion and a genuine God! Because as Jean Paul Sartre – the great French philosopher – said “an atheist has an obsession with God and sees his absence everywhere; he can’t even utter a word without pronouncing His name. In short he’s a person with religious beliefs.”

So what do most of us really offer to those ‘atheists’ and ‘unfaithful’ other than a formal and, generally speaking, hypocritical religion; and most importantly, other than a fake, distorted image of God and not the One who Christ and His disciples acknowledged us?

OUR GODSo we’ll grab the opportunity to let you know of our God, the God you have never acknowledged and have never imagined that exists.

So our God is Father God who is LOVE and FREELY and generously spreads His love to everybody, righteous and non-righteous.
Our God is Divine Speech (Christ) who is LOVE and is FREELY humiliated and crucified for His creature.
Our God is the Holy Spirit that is LOVE and it FREELY comes and dwells inside us through baptism and unction generously giving us its gifts.
And since our God is LOVE He’s not afraid of strangers; nor is He a racist. On the contrary, He, as a Father, loves everybody without discrimination, beyond religion, race and social status. He loves all his children, especially the ‘naughty’ ones, hoping they will repent and return back to him so that they can taste of His love.

Since our God is LOVE and compassion he is not avenging to torture evil people in the eternal fire of hell. Because even hell is an expression of God’s love. God is so liberated that accepts and respects free will, the choice man might make to leave away from His love even after death. However, man tortures himself (hell) since he feels God’s love but he cannot taste of it. On the contrary the one who has freely selected to live with God while still in life, after death he will be able to enjoy this love (heaven) which will be complete after Lord’s Second Coming.

Our God has not assigned His representation on Earth to any self-appointed praetorians, either in the clergy or not, who, with great audacity indeed, take advantage of the naivety and faith of people so that they can amass wealth and live in luxury. Instead of that, He has His visible body in Church, in which EVERYBODY TAKES PART EQUALLY, clergy or not.

Our God ALLOWS evil to enter the world – for which evil the only one held responsible is man – because He is LOVE. And in order for love to be love indeed there is one prerequisite which man does not like; FREEDOM. That’s why God allows it; because if He didn’t allow it, He wouldn’t be God and people wouldn’t be free.

On the other hand, the distorted God is a weak, ferocious, sadist and tyrant God.

So, this ‘miserable God’ sows seeds of fright among his weak people, terrorising them with the fear of disaster and annihilation.

This distorted God sends his Son on earth to be crucified so that divine justice is brutally satisfied; and he does that because he held a grudge on his creature since they broke his laws (Adam and Eve), and he doesn’t understand that he doesn’t act as a God, since while he calls man to forgive, HE IS UNABLE TO GIVE FORGIVENESS.

He is ready to declare war on earth and flood it with blood in order to exterminate the ‘evil people’ and justify the ‘decent ones’ (the decent Christians, that is, the hypocrites); and these ‘decent Christians’ will get great joy from the extermination of the ‘evil people’ and from their own justification.

He is obsessed with sexual intercourse. While He blessed it in Genesis 1:28, he considers it to be the greatest of all sins! So, He ‘produces’ neurotic humans who either suppress any sign of tenderness they have or appear to be socially acceptable in the surface and in their personal life they are filthy with every kind of sexual abnormality.

He spies on the slightest move and action and notes down everything in his black books so that after death He can send the sinner into the eternal fire of hell and the righteous into the prairies of Heaven.

Well, Mr and Mrs ‘pious’ and ‘righteous’ all over the world, I leave this God to you to take pride in. I’d rather be ‘AN ATHEIST’ than believe in a God, who is the creation of the most deranged and perverted imagination of humans.


Virgin Martyr said...

Great post. However, it is the Church who takes responsibility for the- as you call it- distorted image of God which is, in my humble opinion- the true one, since both Yahweh and Christ seem to enjoy themselves seeing people burn in everlasting fire. I presume you are yourself Orthodox, I was brought up in Catholic tradition, which I rejected, accepted and finally
rejected once more. I see no reason to call Euangelion the Good News, for it says: the history begins with creation and ends in everlasting division in Heaven and Hell. I would rather suffer eternal torments with my brother Joseph Stalin than enjoy glory of Heaven without him. God is unwilling to reconcile a l l with himself in Christ, he has created some people knowing they were going to reject him- for what reason? To fulfill what David says in Psalms about ever burning crematory God will place sinners in? I love my parents, I love my girlfriend, I know it is better to give than to receive. And I love this world, this cursed eon Jesus has so much complained about, I've never met any "bad" person nor will I since there is nothing like corruption of entire person. I can't imagine how this universe could be a work of the same sadist who has also created the lake of fire. Therefore I don't believe in him, I can't recognize him as a supreme ruler, just as I wouldn't do it with Hitler, who's destructive activity is however limited to this eon. But the Ancient of the Days has set the fire up beyond death. He is the true bdelugma eremoseos standing in the place where it shouldn't.

I don't want to insult you, you seem to be very compassionate and reasonable man. It's against God, not against you and I'm so sorry if it seems to be different. In fact my OCD has been torturing me with visions of hell for a few days, if you want to accept this as an excuse. All the best!

Chris Tsilikas said...

Dear Virgin Martyr,
Sorry we haven't replied earlier. I am the one to blame for this delay, as I am the translator of the articles and I haven't been able to have access to the Internet so far. My partner, Christos Pal who is the writer of all the articles,is not fluent in English so he could not answer.
Anyway, thank you very much for your touching comment. We were both deeply moved by it and we really hope all "atheists" shared your thoughts about giving and loving. We think you are genuinely Christian, more than others who just call themselves Christians while in life and expect a place in Heaven after their death! Although I'm not an expert in religious matters, I believe that Christianity is a way of life and you seem to follow this way!
Christos Pal suggests you read his post "The evil God of the Old Testament".
Your comments are always welcome. Please be patient with the reply, though. I apologise once again for the delay. Wish you the best!

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