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Saturday, 20 October 2012


Translated from the original by Costas Balomenos

 Picture 1: Bagkavantgkita and Avesta

The latest decades, Greece - probably due to its geographical location - became the place where many immigrants from different countries, with different cultures and most importantly a different religion, which due to ignorance and brings in a difficult position and surprise many of the native Greeks. So to help the understanding of different cultures and religiosity of immigrants, many of them already are our neighbors, and the following are articles published, dealing with the sacred books of other religions, so that the reader can get a taste of what about each religion professes. Wishing our article is to be found complete we quote at the end "the Book of the Dead", which does not belong to a particular religion, but many. Religions have them in alphabetical order, like textbooks, so the reader by clicking on any religion wants, immediately led to it.