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1. My name is Christos Pal. I am from Greece and I live in Lamia, a town in Central Greece. I am a teacher in a High School, in my town. I have also the blogspot "Antiairetikos" in Greek language.

2. My name is Alexia Krinitis. I am a member of the Christian Orthodox Church . As a Christian Orthodox, I am trying to support the efforts of WatchTower-Stop blog because I would love to see people to break free from sectes like WatchTower and meet Jesus Christ, the Son of God. 

I live in Athens, "the famed city", as it is known and capital of Greece. I used to work in the advertising field but the hard recession has made me set new professional goals. we, Christians, are not despaired though so I am trying for the best.

Please, above all, visit the following sites (just a couple among many) to find out more about what is the Christian Orthodox Church:

If you need any kind of information, do not hesitate to contact me at