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Friday, 3 January 2014

Plenty laughing from the “Watchtower”.org, part two

1. Jesus Christ and the angels threw down Satan and his demons to the neighbourhood of our earth!
Not directly, of course; for Jesus Christ is now enthroned at God’s right hand in the heavens, impossible for the nations to reach even by space ships. After his kingdom was born in the heavens in 1914, he at once began ruling in the midst of his enemies. He cast Satan the Devil and his demon angels out of heaven and down to the neighborhood of our earth, never to return to the heavens of God’s holy organization.
The “Watchtower”, January 15, 1962, p. 46

Comment; It seems that Christ and the angels had better anti-aircraft weapons systems!

2. Jehovah he will survey the battlefield of Har–Magedon and the enemy battle lines!
According to the way that Jehovah has acted long ago under given circumstances, he will survey the battlefield of Har–Magedon and take note of the deployment of the enemy battle lines.
The “Watchtower”, December 15, 1973, p. 753

Comment; Present Arms!...